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Our research focuses on the initiation phase in the development of cancer. We also study the molecular mechanism of certain  anti-cancer drugs that damage DNA. Our goals are to understand the biological outcome of DNA damages caused by nitroaromatic carcinogens, γ-radiation, and the antitumor drug, mitomycin C. Using tools of organic chemistry, chemical biology, molecular biology, and biochemistry, the Basu research team investigates the mechanistic details as to how the differences in organisms, DNA polymerases, and repair proteins may influence the outcome of a lesion in DNA.




Group News

  • Congratulations
    Sept 2016- Mechanism of Error-Free Bypass of the Environmental Carcinogen N-(2’-Deoxyguanosin-8-yl)-3-aminobenzanthrone Adduct by Human DNA Polymerase. 2016- Arindam Bose’s paper was selected for the Sept.  2016 cover for Chemical Research in Toxicology

Ashis K. Basu

Phone: 860-486-3965
Address: 55 N. Eagleville Road, Unit 3060
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